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Medical researchers: a key driver of demand for new storage

BY Jeff Rowe | July 27, 2018

Flash or high-speed disk is critical, says one expert, to meet researchers' need for high-performance computing and efficient on-demand storage.

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Flash and SSDs: the truth is, there’s a difference

BY Jeff Rowe | July 24, 2018

While flash and solid state drives currently go together like eggs and omelets, it helps to understand the difference to keep abreast of the constantly evolving technologies.

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Favorable TCO spurs growth in flash sales

BY Jeff Rowe | July 23, 2018

Increasingly, flash systems are adopting a software-defined storage (SDS) approach to storage management to make them more user friendly for IT generalists.

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How an HDD factory closure may drive more IT managers to switch to flash

BY Jeff Rowe | July 23, 2018

Following 2011 flooding in Thailand that disrupted the HDD market, analysts expected more geographic diversity in the future, but the opposite is occurring.

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With AFAs, buying the right product means knowing the right questions

Not surprisingly, all-flash storage arrays are not all alike, and experts note that an array that will make one application run 100 times faster will not necessarily have a similar effect on other workloads.

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Next up for flash development: better memory

BY Jeff Rowe | July 20, 2018

Even as flash evolves, there are factors to consider beyond technical capabilities before investing resources in a low-latency next-gen flash storage network.

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