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Survey: adoption of AI in healthcare to be ‘widespread’ within 5 years

BY Jeff Rowe | August 13, 2018

While participants in the survey believe that a cautious approach to testing, implementing, and scaling AI tools will be critical for success, they are also eager to reap the many potential rewards.

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Boost high performance health IT even higher with rack-scale flash

BY Jeff Rowe | August 10, 2018

Rack-scale flash is flash-only storage that uses a high-speed interface to connect storage more directly to the CPU than a traditional storage array.

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Health IT managers tackle growing data storage challenges with flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | August 10, 2018

As the price of flash steadily declines, say experts, more IT managers are beginning to discover its advantages.

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How next-gen data storage is building a foundation for healthcare’s future

BY Jeff Rowe | August 07, 2018

As population health and data analytics move front and center, healthcare organizations are looking to new storage options to improve data center efficiency and create more on-site virtualization solutions.

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IT managers turn to storage caching to keep data readily accessible

BY Jeff Rowe | August 06, 2018

With unlimited resources, all data could be put on the fastest media available, but in reality, storage caching may be the next best thing.

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Ready or not, the NVMe revolution is moving forward

BY Jeff Rowe | August 03, 2018

As NVMe technology rapidly evolves, say experts, IT managers in healthcare and other sectors need to be ready for a sharp SSD interface performance curve.

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