Health IT managers to tap flash speed and flexibility in 2018

In addition to turning to flash storage, nearly half of all respondents said they planned to move at least some of their data to a public or private cloud, an 11 percent jump compared to 2016.

Jeff Rowe | Dec 15, 2017 12:00 am

Organizations running high performance computing (HPC) workloads, including healthcare enterprises, are increasingly turning to flash-enabled systems and cloud-based storage solutions to help them cope with growing complexity and the sheer amounts of data they are being called upon to manage.

That’s according to new research from DataDirect Networks (DDN), which found, not surprisingly, that organizations across all sectors are making more use of increasing amounts of data. Eighty-five percent the more than 100 IT managers reported that they are using or managing more than one petabyte (PB) of storage, a 12-percent increase compared to last year's results. Nearly 30 percent said they in charge of over 10PB of storage.

According to the survey, while flash usage in HPC environments remains steady at 90 percent in basic data center deployments, the amount of data being placed on solid-state drives (SSDs) and other forms of flash storage is on the rise. Currently, most organizations (76 percent) have less than 20 percent of their data on flash but many more organizations expect more of their data to get soaked up by flash-enabled storage systems.

"Suppliers are starting to offer architectures that include flash tiers optimized specifically for NVM [non-volatile memory] and customers are actively pursuing implementations utilizing these technologies,” said Kurt Kuckein, director of marketing for DDN, in a statement.

Twenty-five percent of respondents said they expect to put up to 30 percent of their data into flash storage in 2018, while another 10 percent are estimating that they will place 20 to 40 percent of their data on flash storage. Accelerating file system metadata (54 percent) and application-specific data (54 percent) are the top flash use cases.