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Needed: careful planning to implement all-flash arrays

BY Jeff Rowe | February 05, 2018

Deploying all-flash solutions today is far simpler than it was ever before, which is a good thing given the growing need for robust healthcare data centers.

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Health IT managers turning to flash for more effective data back-up

BY Jeff Rowe | February 02, 2018

According to experts, SSDs are both reliable for day-to-day use and suited for backup applications where performance is a top priority.

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As images pile up, health IT managers develop new storage strategies

BY Jeff Rowe | January 29, 2018

Among other steps, the use of updated storage options can reduce the overall cost of retaining an image while accommodating the long-term retention requirements needed for research and for compliance with regulatory mandates.

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How flash storage is spreading and changing simultaneously

BY Jeff Rowe | January 26, 2018

At the start of 2018, the storage industry is prepared for an influx of ultrafast, low-latency NVMe-based enterprise flash storage and even higher-performing new memory technologies.

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Medical image storage is a special challenge for health IT managers

BY Jeff Rowe | January 23, 2018

Among other things, it helps to apply rules to the storage medium that manages the lifecycle of medical imaging information so that the most recent data is readily available.

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What’s in your data backup plan?

BY Jeff Rowe | January 22, 2018

As data becomes more valuable in healthcare and across the economy, experts say data backup is an irreplaceable function today and into the foreseeable future.