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HIMSS Analytics unveils infrastructure maturity model

BY Jeff Rowe | March 09, 2018

While leading systems such as the Mayo Clinic are leveraging AI-enabled image reading and analysis, the question has become whether rural facilities can use technology, infrastructure and access to information in similar ways.

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Flash storage increasingly a foundation for data science investments

BY Jeff Rowe | March 05, 2018

The rise of data science and machine learning in healthcare is driving providers to update their health IT infrastructure with new data platforms.

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Ongoing struggles with interoperability point to need for better health data storage

BY Jeff Rowe | February 26, 2018

A new survey suggests that data sharing and interoperability issues may have slowed value-based care implementation, but it also shows that the return on investment for value-based care models has improved in the last two years.

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Leaning in: flash storage pushing health IT performance forward

BY Jeff Rowe | February 19, 2018

Until recently, say experts, moving to an all-flash array was so expensive that it wasn’t feasible for many organizations, but that has changed as pricing has become more commoditized.

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In health IT, strategic tiering is the key to best flash use

BY Jeff Rowe | February 12, 2018

Triple-level cell NAND flash storage devices wear out quickly, says one expert, but TLC devices are a good choice for Tier 2 storage and read-heavy applications.

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How NVMe is driving vendors toward faster flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | February 06, 2018

As suppliers adapt storage options, experts say NVMe will unleash flash by doing away with the built-for-disk SCSI protocol.