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Metadata can hold key to effective data storage

BY Jeff Rowe | April 02, 2018

When convenience determines where data is placed, files get scattered and are hard to find, time is wasted searching and critical organizational efficiency suffers.

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Despite persistent myths, IT managers turning to solid-state drives

BY Jeff Rowe | March 30, 2018

IT pros and storage administrators are increasingly reaching for solid-state drives to replace their hard disk predecessors, but a few myths about SSDs linger, holding some managers back.

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Many IT managers opt for slow transition to flash with hybrid storage

BY Jeff Rowe | March 27, 2018

While it is tempting to divide storage arrays into flash and hybrid, says one expert, there are several subdivisions within those categories which can constitute an effective storage solution.

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Data storage managers scramble to keep up with new analytics technology

BY Jeff Rowe | March 26, 2018

What’s driving fundamental changes in healthcare? Data, and lots of it.

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Along with medical insights, AI bringing new data storage needs

BY Jeff Rowe | March 23, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been working itself into health IT infrastructure as organizations need more advanced technology to handle the growing amount of healthcare data.

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As medical images grow, so does the importance of flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | March 23, 2018

As EHRs, interoperability and value-based care have grown more important in healthcare, ever more providers are tasking IT departments with implementing and managing new enterprise imaging strategies

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