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In health IT, strategic tiering is the key to best flash use

BY Jeff Rowe | February 12, 2018

Triple-level cell NAND flash storage devices wear out quickly, says one expert, but TLC devices are a good choice for Tier 2 storage and read-heavy applications.

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How NVMe is driving vendors toward faster flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | February 06, 2018

As suppliers adapt storage options, experts say NVMe will unleash flash by doing away with the built-for-disk SCSI protocol.

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Needed: careful planning to implement all-flash arrays

BY Jeff Rowe | February 05, 2018

Deploying all-flash solutions today is far simpler than it was ever before, which is a good thing given the growing need for robust healthcare data centers.

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Health IT managers turning to flash for more effective data back-up

BY Jeff Rowe | February 02, 2018

According to experts, SSDs are both reliable for day-to-day use and suited for backup applications where performance is a top priority.

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As images pile up, health IT managers develop new storage strategies

BY Jeff Rowe | January 29, 2018

Among other steps, the use of updated storage options can reduce the overall cost of retaining an image while accommodating the long-term retention requirements needed for research and for compliance with regulatory mandates.

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How flash storage is spreading and changing simultaneously

BY Jeff Rowe | January 26, 2018

At the start of 2018, the storage industry is prepared for an influx of ultrafast, low-latency NVMe-based enterprise flash storage and even higher-performing new memory technologies.

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