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With data increasing, archive strategies become critical to efficient storage

BY Jeff Rowe | May 04, 2018

With an effective archive strategy in place, says one storage professional, the only reason to buy more primary storage is to gain performance, not capacity.

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Determine your data’s “temperature,” then choose the best storage option

BY Jeff Rowe | April 27, 2018

The explosion of unstructured data, say experts, is one of many reasons for the upsurge in demand for cost-effective cold storage products, services and media.

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For IT managers, data storage and security concerns are converging as breaches continue

BY Jeff Rowe | April 23, 2018

Storage security is focused on protecting data while assuring its availability to authorized users.

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Flash storage is one key to the changing face of data centers

BY Jeff Rowe | April 20, 2018

A key to guiding data centers into the future, say experts, is finding leaders with the right expertise and experience.

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Storage optimization: the key to managing the rapid increase in data?

BY Jeff Rowe | April 09, 2018

By taking the time to plan and optimize data storage management, health IT pros can improve their storage environment and get back at least some of the time they may be losing in a constantly changing environment.

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Data from Internet of Health Things is pushing providers toward better storage options

BY Jeff Rowe | April 06, 2018

Healthcare organizations allocate on average 10 percent of their annual IT budgets to investments for IoHT solutions, which in turn is driving the demand for updated data storage.