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Changes in storage tech push IT pros to keep skills current

BY Jeff Rowe | May 29, 2018

Data storage technology is changing and, not surprisingly, so are the skills a storage administrator needs to move his or her career forward.

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Flash helping IT managers implement comprehensive storage improvements

BY Jeff Rowe | May 25, 2018

Rather than debating whose flash is faster or more reliable, says one expert, the major enterprise IT storage concern is shifting toward getting the most out of whatever high-performance primary storage investment gets made.

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New fabric-based protocol expected to upgrade flash storage

BY Jeff Rowe | May 21, 2018

The rise of NVMe over Fabrics in the market seems all but inevitable, say experts, given the value of a storage protocol designed specifically for SSDs.

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New storage options central to IT infrastructure upgrades

BY Jeff Rowe | May 18, 2018

Building a solid health IT infrastructure storage foundation is critical to deploying different digital tools so those tools work the way they need to.

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Upgrades to data storage can improve interoperability and data access efforts

BY Jeff Rowe | May 11, 2018

A recent survey finds data access and interoperability issues may be hindering value-based care implementation and accompanying research efforts, but it also shows that the return on investment for value-based care models has improved in the last two year

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Despite improved storage, threats to data security persist

BY Jeff Rowe | May 08, 2018

Whether you’re trying to secure an email system or design some kind of secure file storage platform, know that there are good technologies and partners that can make this entire journey easier.