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How to choose the right flash memory for your healthcare org

BY Jeff Rowe | August 27, 2018

NOR and NAND flash memory each suit different use cases, say experts, and companies looking at a flash memory product need to know the difference, including I/O performance and longevity requirements, before they buy.

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Survey finds flash increasingly the choice for high-performance storage needs

BY Jeff Rowe | August 27, 2018

According to the survey, current and projected data growth are increasingly large enough to create a true challenge to storage platforms, forcing managers to invest in new technology.

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Dedicated data storage remains key to health org success

BY Jeff Rowe | August 17, 2018

Some long-term data storage trends point to addressing storage needs by means other than the traditional IT silo, but the fact remains that effective storage technology matters now more than ever.

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How SSDs can improve your healthcare org’s storage performance and TCO

BY Jeff Rowe | August 14, 2018

Frustrated with slow processing rates, organizations in healthcare and other sectors are looking to switch from hard disk drive (HDD) storage devices to solid-state drive (SSD) technology.

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Health IT execs turn to modern data centers to improve value-based care

BY Jeff Rowe | August 13, 2018

Modernizing data centers, beginning with new storage options, can help healthcare organizations plan for what their future infrastructure might include in several years’ time. 

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IT managers turn to storage caching to keep data readily accessible

BY Jeff Rowe | August 06, 2018

With unlimited resources, all data could be put on the fastest media available, but in reality, storage caching may be the next best thing.

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