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IT managers opting for flash, but slowly via hybrid storage arrays

BY Jeff Rowe | May 22, 2018

It is tempting to divide storage arrays into flash and hybrid, says one expert, but there are distinctions within those categories that can constitute an effective storage solution.

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Is 3D NAND the future of flash?

BY Jeff Rowe | May 21, 2018

Given the anticipated effectiveness and efficiency of 3D NAND technology, IT managers are watching closely as developers work out some of the remaining kinks.

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For efficiency and effectiveness, public agencies lining up for flash

BY Jeff Rowe | May 18, 2018

As government agencies gather more data, they are facing a mounting challenge of how to effectively manage and analyze massive datasets.

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How flash efficiency can pay off for enterprise-wide storage

BY Jeff Rowe | May 15, 2018

While solid state drives (SSD) used to be deployed mainly to support high-end applications and small amounts of data, says one observer, their reach has expanded to the point where server hard drives are becoming rare in the newest machines.

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Flash performance key to AI and next-gen research

BY Jeff Rowe | May 15, 2018

As imaging becomes ever-more important to healthcare, says one expert, AI-powered computing devices are increasingly used to rapidly analyze big data streams, as well as to help organizations mine more value from existing data sets.

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Flash storage pricing: it’s complicated

BY Jeff Rowe | May 14, 2018

As flash costs are nearing parity with hard disk drives, says one insider, buyers need to tap vendors who can provide a data efficiency guarantee with their systems that removes the need to get the capacity calculation perfectly correct.

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