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Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS),

Credit: Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) 

By Anna Engberg 03:23 am April 22, 2021
Healthcare IT News asks Stefan Hunziker, CIO at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS), how the EPR has developed in Switzerland and how the hospital has managed it.
data sharing, interoperability

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By Sara Mageit 06:05 am April 21, 2021
The European Commission has published its draft on the adequate protection of personal data in the UK.
Vaccination programme, COVID-19, coronavirus

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By Sara Mageit 07:10 am April 20, 2021
As countries across the globe start to propose digital vaccine passports, HIMSS responds to the need to define and adopt reporting specifications and standards. 

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By Tammy Lovell 06:39 am April 20, 2021
Former prime minister emailed Matthew Gould about payday app during COVID lockdown.
Masimo, medical devices

Credit: Masimo

By 05:44 am April 19, 2021
Connecting medical devices across the continuum of care is one of the most pressing challenges facing healthcare institutions today. Global medtech firm Masimo provides interoperable solutions to improve patient safety and provide clinicians with accurate data.

Credit: Halo Therapeutics 

By Sara Mageit 08:43 am April 16, 2021
Also, Halo Therapeutics develops nasal spray and inhaler COVID-19 treatment.
By Tammy Lovell 10:09 am April 15, 2021
European Council says the vaccine passports should not be a precondition to exercise free movement rights.
Cerner EPR

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By Sara Mageit 09:23 am April 15, 2021
The EPR will make information available to clinicians across their 12 hospital sites.
By Tammy Lovell 01:40 pm April 14, 2021
The launch follows a successful pilot scheme in Germany and Italy. 
COVID-19 vaccination

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By Sara Mageit 09:13 am April 14, 2021
Non-essential businesses are now able to use the passport to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result from the last 72 hours.