By Richard Pizzi 10:36 am August 15, 2013
Deborah Jeffries, MD, director of healthcare for Polycom, talks about emerging telemedicine trends, including the growing power of the peer-to-peer aspects of personal health management.
By Bernie Monegain 08:55 am July 18, 2013
We're in the middle of a long, 50-year cycle of telemedicine, says incoming ATA president Edward Brown, MD, CEO of Ontario Telemedicine Network.
By Healthcare IT News 05:49 pm May 07, 2013
Sandy Kukla, RN, telehealth senior program manager for GCI ConnectMD, talks about the company's growth from radiology image transfers to a telehealth network connecting 240 provider locations, including some overseas.
By Healthcare IT News 05:42 pm May 07, 2013
(SPONSORED) Raymond Solone, global marketing director, healthcare solutions for Care Innovations, says telehealth needs to "think disruptive" as an industry in order to progress.
By Healthcare IT News 05:24 pm May 07, 2013
Tony Titus, senior vice president of Numera, talks about the company's personal emergency response systems (PERS), which can detect a person falling and automatically place an emergency call.
By Healthcare IT News 06:41 pm May 06, 2013
Kevin Quinn, senior vice president of AMC Health, describes the remote patient monitoring vendor's telehealth services and its device-neutral approach to providing healthcare IT.
By Healthcare IT News 05:42 pm May 06, 2013
Pramod K. Gaur, vice president of telehealth for OPTUMHealth, talks about the payer's interest in telehealth's potential to drive healthcare access, healthcare quality and improvements to the experience of both the patient and provider.
By Healthcare IT News 02:22 pm May 06, 2013
(SPONSORED) Joel E. Barthelemy, founder and managing director of GlobalMed, talks about the company's telemedicine initiatives, its role with the VA and what the government can do to assist telemedicine development and profitability.
By Healthcare IT News 09:14 pm May 05, 2013
Mercy President and CEO Lynn Britton talks about the health system's telehealth initiatives at ATA 2013.
By Bernie Monegain 04:26 pm December 18, 2012
Bernie Monegain, editor of Healthcare IT News, discusses Intermountain Healthcare's mobile apps and the future of mobile health with chief technology officer Frederick Holston at the 2012 mHealth Summit.

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