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By Erin McCann 10:09 am November 06, 2012
Twitter, the much beloved social networking site, is set to take on disease outbreaks, after the collaborative efforts of three informaticists yielded a new Web-based application tool available to public health officials.
By Mike Miliard 10:51 am October 08, 2012
Health Tech Hatch (HTH), a seed money and development platform for health IT entrepreneurs, announced its launch on Oct. 8. The organization offers crowd funding, prototype testing and mentorship to spur innovative health and wellness products, officials say.
By Benjamin Harris 09:46 am October 08, 2012
Information technology has become almost as crucial as the stethoscope in healthcare. Social media could be primed for a place of similar importance. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are playing a massive part in how providers connect with patients, advocates and the industry at large.
By Bernie Monegain 03:58 pm October 04, 2012
George Halvorson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, credited with leading the decision to implement an enterprise-wide electronic health record system that's often touted as a model, will retire in Dec. 2013. He has served as Kaiser's chairman and CEO since 2002.
By Mike Miliard 11:45 am October 02, 2012
Health insurers are embracing social media, mobile health applications and even games as they position themselves for accountable care and try to encourage their members to take more interest in their wellness, according to a recent report from Chilmark Research.
By Ashraf W. Shehata 11:03 am October 02, 2012
As we move into the next stage of IT enablement for healthcare, hospitals and health insurers will need to help lead the charge on population health and care coordination. The entire focus of healthcare reform has been to expand access and improve care and quality for the population, and ultimately for the individual.
By Erin McCann 10:44 am September 28, 2012
The number of adults using mobile phones and tablets for health information has risen exponentially from last year, according to the findings of a new study conducted by Cybercitizen Health and Manhattan Research.
By Erin McCann 11:34 am September 14, 2012
Twitter, the popular social networking site, is set to take on disease outbreaks, after HHS officials announced the release of a new Web-based application tool available to public health officials.
By Michelle McNickle 12:49 pm July 30, 2012
The need for tools that help provide coordinated care is growing. And according to Sai Subramaniam, business head for Life Sciences & Healthcare at Persistent Systems, health IT professionals need to start thinking beyond traditional models of building and running applications, which tend to be "complex and expensive."
By Bernie Monegain 10:32 am July 30, 2012
Healthcare's C-suites will be more focused than ever on building IT-supported ACOs, according to a new survey of 100 healthcare finance executives. The survey results also indicated the adoption and use of health information technology is top-of-mind for finance executives.

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