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Doc and patient with records
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 10:25 am May 01, 2015
You've probably heard of it once or twice over the past few years. But it's a concept that still needs some more definition. Our columnist explains why she's not a fan of "patient engagement."
By Eric Wicklund 05:24 pm April 08, 2015
At HIMSS15, Joe Kvedar, MD, will share a status update on connected health. Hint: Despite the exuberance around wearables, some providers are taking notice of what they can accomplish with the data.
Attendees at HIMSS
By Jack Beaudoin 08:03 am April 01, 2015
Whether this is your first or your 15th HIMSS show, the sheer size of the event can derail even the best laid plans. A conference veteran shares advice about making it through HIMSS15 intact.
By Frank Irving 08:03 am March 26, 2015
Tools will soon be able to answer questions that doctors never might have never thought to ask, the association's president said.
Stethoscope key on keyboard
By Scott Tharler 08:03 am March 25, 2015
The HIMSS15 Social Media Ambassador cut her teeth on health IT in England during late 1980s, where she got a glimpse of what we now call the Triple Aim.
Shield and computer code
By John Andrews 08:03 am March 17, 2015
Imprivata will showcase solutions for safeguarding mobile and desktop messaging across the enterprise at HIMSS15.
By Scott Tharler 08:06 am February 17, 2015
The Oregonian talks hacky sacks, standards and the one technology realm where the healthcare industry is on the vanguard.
HIMSS crowd
By Gus Venditto 12:43 pm February 11, 2015
The speed at which healthcare IT moves isn't slowing any time soon. And the HIMSS15 conference in Chicago this April is keeping up the pace; it's on track to be the biggest ever.
Social media illustration
By Scott Tharler 04:35 pm February 09, 2015
You might recognize her as @MandiBPro. But did you know she used to be a wedding singer? Learn more about her new life as an analytics lead at Dell, the ways she works on a treadmill and how she morphed into a computer geek.
magnifying glass on keyboard
By Anthony Brino 10:41 am January 29, 2015
Emerging analytics tools are tapping into the data providers already have to predict future health events.

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