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By Joseph C. Kvedar 09:17 am April 25, 2013
In a world where most folks change jobs every couple of years, people are often amazed to hear that I started work in connected health 19 years ago. Implicit in their amazement is a question, “Why did you stick with it so long?” The quickest response is that the work we started back then is not yet finished.
By David Harlow 08:18 am April 19, 2013
The American College of Physicians (ACP) Ethics, Professionalism, and Human Rights Committee, the ACP Council of Associates, and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) Special Committee on Ethics and Professionalism spent eighteen months developing a policy statement on online medical professionalism.
By John Halamka 08:50 am April 17, 2013
Many reporters have contacted me for an IT perspective on the April 15 bombings in Boston. Within moments of the event, social media became the preferred mechanism for communication and coordination.
By John Trader 12:38 pm March 11, 2013
Whatever your reason is for attending the HIMSS annual conference each year, there is never a shortage of education sessions, technology demonstrations, social networking, and meetings on meaningful topics specifically suited to your own tastes. While I was there, I asked some industry professionals what their key takeaways were from the...
By David Harlow 08:24 am February 08, 2013
In the latest chapter of some inside-the-Beltway wrangling over the validity of recess appointments by President Obama of National Labor Relations Board members, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals held the appointments to be invalid, thus invalidating all NLRB decisions in which these members had participated. These include, of course, some decisions...
By Helen Figge 07:53 am January 28, 2013
The 2012 award season has just ended and one of the highest honors to be bestowed upon an executive in healthcare IT is the award named in honor of John E. Gall Jr., who pioneered the implementation of healthcare information systems at El Camino Hospital in the 1960s.
By Helen Figge 08:19 am January 14, 2013
Happy 2013! We survived another year of career ups, downs and reflections. But make no mistake, this will be your year of personal career success because the only rate limiting step is your inability to see where you want your career to be, go and grow in 2013.
By Matt Langan 08:34 am January 11, 2013
In 2013, healthcare IT will experience these six shifts that have the potential to transform the industry.
By Helen Figge 08:22 am December 26, 2012
Social media efforts in the world have changed the way we communicate and often times are accessed before we even or ever meet. We are often asked what employers look at with respect to searching a candidate and seeking the “best fit” for a given role.
By John Trader 08:28 am December 11, 2012
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media is revolutionizing the way that healthcare communicates.

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