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By John Moore 08:46 am November 11, 2013
Certainly Wall Street sees value in Twitter, with its share price sky-rocketing on first day of trading, but is there truly value in Twitter for us out there wandering the Internet ether?
By Chip Means 01:39 pm October 29, 2013
A guy who launches websites for a living says is, despite popular opinion, not the worst website of all time.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 10:07 am October 16, 2013
I first posed the question, "Could Mobile Health Become Addictive?" on August 20th. Since then I've done more thinking and I'm warming to the concept.
By Christina Thielst 11:16 am September 23, 2013
Social media is proving to be a cost-effective catapult for multi-channel campaigns that, as in marketing, help recruiters target and nurture candidates based on their individual preferences.
By Christina Thielst 08:44 am August 19, 2013
In a viewpoint published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, three ethics and psychiatry experts from Johns Hopkins University argue that industry guidelines on online medical professionalism inappropriately call on physicians to separate their personal and professional identities.
By Karl Strohmeyer 02:26 pm July 09, 2013
An interesting trend I’ve noticed developing is the use of crowdsourcing to drive innovations in healthcare and manage the complexities of the industry. I decided to take a closer look when I saw it emerge as a topic at this year’s TEDMED conference.
By John Trader 08:20 am June 24, 2013
There is no doubt that social media has fundamentally changed the patient to patient and patient to provider communications relationship for the healthcare industry.
By Christina Thielst 09:04 am June 04, 2013
@KevinMD has a great new book that is designed as a guide for physicians to establish, manage and protect their online reputations. However, I believe it has value to other clinicians and even administrators who want to do the same or at least understand why physicians need to have online visibility.
By Christina Thielst 08:21 am May 28, 2013
I like to think of social business intelligence as listening posts across the entire spectrum of social media outlets. It is closely related to social customer relationship management, which also takes the next step to understand and act upon consumer and patient attitudes.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 09:17 am April 25, 2013
In a world where most folks change jobs every couple of years, people are often amazed to hear that I started work in connected health 19 years ago. Implicit in their amazement is a question, “Why did you stick with it so long?” The quickest response is that the work we started back then is not yet finished.

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