By Mike Miliard 11:10 am January 09, 2014
Siemens is touting a new methodology that aims to give healthcare organizations a comprehensive, repeatable and scalable approach for successful IT implementation and adoption.
By Bernie Monegain 10:16 am January 03, 2014
A new study in the journal Health Services Research finds nearly three-quarters of physicians using electronic health records in 2011 said there were clinical benefits when patients' medical histories were kept in digital files. The study focused on doctors' perceptions of clinical benefits to patient care when EHRs were in place.
Stimilus package, meaningful use has been good for business.
By Mike Miliard 07:25 am December 31, 2013
In an eventful 10 years for healthcare, meaningful use made an unmistakable mark as vendors large and small took advantage of an unprecedented opportunity. As one observer puts it: "Obama's stimulus was the catalyst that lit this industry up five years ago. We haven't looked back since."
By Bernie Monegain 12:00 am December 20, 2013
To say that John Glaser has had a front-row seat in the health IT arena over the past 10 years – and the 10 years before that – would be wrong. He's been in the trenches, sleeves rolled up. Glaser has advocated for the adoption of EHRs through his work with CHIME, HIMSS, AMIA, the eHealth Initiative, Markle Foundation and before congressional...
By Mike Miliard 12:00 am December 20, 2013
Remember the old days? Way back before 2009? Healthcare had some catching up to do. But no one quite knew just how to do it.
By Bernie Monegain 12:00 am December 20, 2013
Remember AHIC, anyone? The American Health Information Community was created in 2005. In a way, it was a precursor of today's two advisory panels – the Health IT Policy Committee and the Health IT Standards Committee – also created by the government to advise the government.
By Mike Miliard 12:00 am December 20, 2013
The term "health information exchange" has been around for a while.
By Erin McCann 12:00 am December 20, 2013
It's hard to get nostalgic about the olden days of health IT. Over the past decade, the vendor product landscape has seen much-needed progress, and although status quo is far from ideal, clinical systems back in 2004 were, many say, in pretty rough shape.
Revenue cycle ripe for radical change
By Mike Miliard 07:58 am December 09, 2013
"I'm surprised that we continue to see the status quo in revenue cycle management," says Sean Wieland, managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, adding that, "If any other industry had a revenue cycle like that, we'd all be living like the Amish."
CMS, ONC propose MU delay
By Tom Sullivan 03:10 pm December 06, 2013
A joint CMS and ONC blog post today divulges the government's intentions to extend the timeline for meaningful use Stages 2 and 3. Under the revised schedule, Stage 2 would be extended through 2016 and Stage 3 would begin in 2017 for those providers that have completed at least two years in Stage 2.

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