Patient Engagement

By Mike Miliard 10:28 am April 20, 2015
One of the more troublesome measures of Stage 2 meaningful use has been the requirement that providers get at least five percent of their patients to view download or transmit their digitized health information. That may soon change.
doctor with patient using tablet
By Mike Miliard 07:09 pm April 14, 2015
Jan Oldenburg has been working on patient engagement since the mid-'90s. Back then, there was an "ever-receding five-year plan" for when patients would finally have widespread access to their health records. We're finally just about there -- but not quite all the way.
blank computer screen, tablet, and laptop
By Henry Powderly 07:05 pm April 14, 2015
The news is good for developers of 'smart' healthcare devices: Consumers are willing to change their unhealthy habits.
Apple watches
By Eric Wicklund 06:43 pm April 13, 2015
One of the hottest mHealth devices at HIMSS15 isn't even available yet.
Walgreens New York
By Richard Pizzi 02:26 pm April 13, 2015
Enhance, expand and evolve. That's what Walgreens is doing, and what the healthcare industry as a whole should focus on, said Alex Gourlay at the 2015 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition on Monday.
Doc using computer
By Tom Sullivan 11:00 am April 13, 2015
New research also suggests that EHRs are evolving into patient engagement platforms.
doctor and elderly patient on iPad
By Erin McCann 08:13 pm April 12, 2015
If you request a copy of your medical records, chances are it won't take long to find a mistake -- a mistake that could cost you big time down the road.
people taking notes
By John Andrews 03:42 pm April 12, 2015
OpenNotes advocates are predicting a groundswell of public support for giving patients access to physician notes as part of their medical profile, saying it will help patients understand their diagnoses better and catch potential errors in their profiles.
champion cup
By Gus Venditto 03:37 pm April 12, 2015
"I don't think I've been more excited that I have been in the last year about the possibility of solving the problems we're facing," said Sanaz Cordes, MD.
wall of mobile icons
By Eric Wicklund 02:57 pm April 12, 2015
Hospitals and health systems are facing some serious competition for the consumer's attention, and it's coming from payers and employers.

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