Patient Engagement

By Steve Whitehurst 08:20 am October 13, 2014
With meaningful use Stage 2 underway, many healthcare organizations are pouring significant resources into patient portals in order to engage patients and receive incentives. Although many are planning to fully maximize these tools, portals do have their limitations.
By Lorren Pettit 11:22 am September 16, 2014
HIMSS Analytics' Lorren Pettit reflects on his work in the healthcare industry, and how it relates to the recent findings of the Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey from the last quarter century.
By Andrew Underhill 07:47 am September 08, 2014
When looking for ways to bolster patient engagement, healthcare providers may benefit from the work payers have done so far. Following are five lessons learned providers can use from payers to get patients involved.
By Jihan Lee 06:35 am August 29, 2014
Clinical Decision Support Systems can inform physicians while improving the rate of preventive services and patient engagement. While some physicians balk at the notion of a machine dictating treatment protocol and health management plans, the primary role of CDSS is informing doctors to make better decisions.
By Joseph C. Kvedar 08:27 am July 30, 2014
Traditionally, the introduction of new technologies into health care has been assumed by knee-jerk reaction to add costs. Yet, the Center for Connected Health has accumulated evidence to the contrary. Joseph C. Kvedar, MD presents two stories to demonstrate this.
By Eric Wicklund 08:22 am July 18, 2014
We have the nation's Most Wired Hospitals, and we also have America's Most Beautiful Hospitals. We also have national ranking system for hospitals based on their patient engagement efforts. It's time, I think, to look at the nation's hospitals and their wireless capabilities.
By David Keane 08:03 am May 29, 2014
As mobile technology has become increasingly integrated into all aspects of everyday life, it's time for its use in the delivery of information to improve healthcare services and patient outcomes.
By Steve Whitehurst 11:51 am May 09, 2014
While many healthcare organizations continue to remain focused on what happens when patients are physically in the hospital or at a physician's office, today's most successful organizations are taking steps to engage patients before, during and after office visits.
By Mary Kay Thalken 09:00 am April 28, 2014
It's no secret that engaging patients in their care is essential to supporting care quality, increasing patient satisfaction and, achieving positive patient outcomes. However, when the patient leaves the hospital, it can be challenging to sustain patient engagement.
By David Karabinos 03:44 pm February 17, 2014
Although the federal government's meaningful use incentive program has been a driving force for healthcare IT innovation and adoption, it has also been a distraction -- encouraging organizations to invest in technology with certain characteristics and capabilities rather than systems that fully address provider and patient needs.

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