Patient Engagement

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By Bernie Monegain 09:58 am October 13, 2015
Seamless data exchange across vendors and among health systems is critical, the American Hospital Association argues. Nonetheless, just 40 percent of hospitals can use the information they receive, AHA points out.
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By Eric Wicklund 08:47 am October 13, 2015
Doctors and patients explain how the current practice of asymmetrical and "epistrophic" care can be transformed into a more collaborative relationship by harnessing available technologies.
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By Tom Sullivan 08:06 am October 12, 2015
Healthcare IT News reported live from the nation's capital as policy makers were honored, keynote speakers compelled attendees, questions about the future were posed and progress was measured. Here's what we learned.
University of California-San Francisco
By Eric Wicklund 08:06 am October 08, 2015
The University of California-San Francisco is using tools, such as Windows tablets with Oneview software, to bridge communication gaps and empower patients as full partners in their care.
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By Eric Wicklund 08:07 am October 05, 2015
As much as the discussion about patient engagement relates to how tricky it is for doctors, just imagine what it feels like for the patients.
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By Eric Wicklund 08:06 am September 30, 2015
The trick is in helping people make their own decisions without being overly prescriptive.
By Mike Miliard 07:41 am September 30, 2015
As part of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, HHS will dole out $685 million more to help health networks, group practices and other providers drive IT-enabled care coordination, quality improvement and cost reduction.
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By Bernie Monegain 10:51 am September 25, 2015
Lowell General Hospital, a community hospital near Boston, and ClinicalBox, are poised to go full blast into care coordination. "Time is of essence," says its chief nurse executive.
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By Jack McCarthy 07:53 am September 23, 2015
Of the 165,000 apps residing in Apple and Google stores, a surprisingly minute number comprise 50 percent of all downloads. And those that connect to providers are considerably smaller than that in number.
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By Mike Miliard 06:21 am September 23, 2015
In a new healthcare era, where "patients and their care partners participate actively in decision-making and priority-setting," FDA plans to gain better perspective through its first-ever Patient Engagement Advisory Committee.

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