The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)

Dale Sanders
By Dale Sanders 10:10 am April 28, 2014
Federal meaningful use requirements are well intentioned, but like a teacher who "teaches to the test," the federal meaningful use program created a very complicated system that might pass the test of meaningful use stages, but is not producing meaningful results for patients and clinicians.
By Keith W. Boone 09:14 am February 26, 2014
If you've been reading the Meaningful Use 2015 NPRM as I recently did, you probably came across the discussion around requiring certified products to accept 95 percent of CDA documents.
By Karen DeSalvo 08:13 am February 20, 2014
This week marks a major milestone in our journey towards adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records. As we work toward the secure, private and meaningful exchange of interoperable health information across the continuum of care, the law that made much of this possible turns five.
By John Halamka 08:29 am February 12, 2014
Readers of my blog know that over the past year, I've written several posts warning about the burden of 2014 certification, the timing overlap of numerous federal programs including ICD-10, and my observations that IT professionals/providers are at the breaking point.
By John Halamka 09:32 am February 04, 2014
Feb. 4 at the HIT Policy Committee meeting, the Meaningful Use Workgroup presented its recommendations as part of the process leading to a final rule in 2015.
By John Halamka 08:47 am January 22, 2014
Karen DeSalvo started as the new National Coordinator for Healthcare Information Technology on January 13, 2014. What advice would I give her, given the current state of healthcare IT stakeholders?
By Karen DeSalvo 09:59 am January 20, 2014
We continue to see progress in improving the nation's healthcare system, and a key tool to helping achieve that goal is the increased use of electronic health records by the nation's doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.
By Keith W. Boone 08:18 am December 18, 2013
You've all probably heard by now that there's going to be a change to the Meaningful Use Stage 3 roll-out. So, what is in store?
John Halamka, MD
By John Halamka 08:44 am December 02, 2013
Now that we have experience with two stages of meaningful use, it's also clear that a three year cycle is needed to ensure safe, high value, well adopted, introduction of new IT functionality.
By John Moore 10:10 am November 19, 2013
A common and somewhat unique aspect to EHR vendor contracts is that the EHR vendor lays claim to the data entered into their system. It confounds us as to why healthcare organizations let their vendors of choice get away with this.

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