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By Bernie Monegain 09:39 am September 25, 2015
Global spending on information security will reach $75.4 billion in 2015, an increase of 4.7 percent over 2014, according to analyst firm Gartner. Driving the spending are government initiatives, increased legislation and high-profile data breaches.
person hacking computer
By Mahmood Sher-Jan 05:48 pm September 24, 2015
There are almost 5 billion connected smart devices already in use. A significant percentage of them are medical devices, from pacemakers to drug pumps. They're already being hacked so often that the trend has its own nickname.
doctor typing on laptop
By Bernie Monegain 10:32 am September 24, 2015
Global health IT, management and outsourcing company Accenture has finalized its agreement to acquire Sagacious Consultants, an electronic health record consulting practice.
By Erin McCann 11:02 am September 23, 2015
An insurance claims management company that reportedly failed to encrypt its data is in hot water after an IT professional uncovered detailed medical records of some 1.5 million people from its database online.
By Bernie Monegain 11:07 am September 16, 2015
In a review of 20 of 62 contracts awarded for the development, implementation and operation of, the HHS Office of the Inspector General found the supervision of contractors on the job to be sorely lacking.
FBI headquarters
By Erin McCann 10:57 am September 16, 2015
When the Federal Bureau of Investigation issues an alert to healthcare organizations and others warning of the serious cyber risks presented by the Internet of Things, it's probably best to pay attention.
By Mike Miliard 12:39 pm September 15, 2015
The list of tools in a health organization's data security armamentarium is long and varied: firewalls, encryption, anti-virus, etc. But a truly risk-based security framework needs more than mere protective measures. It requires awareness.
Money and tech
By Bernie Monegain 10:15 am September 11, 2015
Healthcare CIOs across the country are, more than ever before, intent on getting the most value from their hospital and health system EHRs.
Keyhole and computer code
By Mike Miliard 05:45 am September 11, 2015
A recent security report by Microsoft finds that, even when cloaked in encryption technology, "an alarming amount of sensitive information can be recovered" from electronic medical record databases.
laptop breach
By Erin McCann 11:01 am September 10, 2015
Hackers had unfettered access to Excellus BlueCross BlueShield's information systems for more than a year and a half before the health plan even noticed the cyberattack had occurred.

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