By David Harlow 09:43 am October 25, 2012
I spent a couple days this week at the annual meeting of the Medical Group Management Association, in San Antonio. I had the opportunity to speak about healthcare social media to an engaged crowd, and to attend a number of other interesting sessions.
By Kelly Monical 11:00 am October 18, 2012
They say that less is more, but sometimes more is in fact more. With the existing and emerging technology found in today's healthcare environment, healthcare organizations are able to collect, interpret and react to more data about patients and their care than they ever have before.
By Kate Ackerman 08:41 am July 25, 2012
Older physicians are less likely to use an electronic health record system than their younger counterparts. A recent Health Affairs study found that in 2011 30.8% of physicians older than age 55 were using a basic EHR system, compared with 40% of doctors younger than age 40 and 35.5% of doctors ages 40 to 55.
By Kelly Mehler 04:00 pm March 15, 2012
As he turns 65 this year, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says he will not sign up for Medicare. Instead, he will keep his private insurance and do without the social safety net, a Romney rep said Tuesday.
By Chad Johnson 10:13 am February 07, 2012
I asked health IT leaders from Pioneer ACO Eastern Maine Healthcare System to share their experiences participating in the program, about the IT infrastructure they have in place to coordinate the delivery of care, and any advice they would give other health IT professionals working toward creating an ACO.
By Kelly Mehler 10:02 am January 27, 2012
After this week's State of the Union address, the Politico website dug into why President Obama barely mentioned healthcare reform law. Obama's law has garnered only 42 percent support by Americans, but has been among the most significant policy accomplishments for Obama since he took office.
By Farzad Mostashari, MD 09:00 am January 10, 2012
I would like to highlight ten of this year's most notable developments in the world of health information technology and ONC.
By David Harlow 09:19 am August 15, 2011
Partners Health Care (the dominant provider network in Greater Boston) and Neighborhood Health Plan (a local mostly-Medicaid HMO) just announced that the former intends to acquire the latter, and maintain it as a separate operating entity.
By Kelly Mehler 01:58 pm July 15, 2011
President Barack Obama seems desperate for a compromise with Republicans over the debt ceiling. In a press conference on Monday, he once again agreed to consider cuts in social security and Medicare.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:14 am June 20, 2011
A new Health and Human Services (HHS) initiative, Partnership for Patients, is calling hospitals to focus on nine specific types of medical errors where the potential is great for increased care.

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