By Eric Wicklund 10:25 am October 16, 2014
Integral to effective care coordination with Medicaid beneficiaries involves the ability to communicate with sick and chronically ill patients. But it turns out the majority of Medicaid patients can't even be found by states and health plans. One new startup is working to change that.
Doctor touchscreen
By Mike Miliard 02:45 pm October 07, 2014
When announcing his company's seismic $1.3 billion acquisition of Siemens Health Services this past summer, Cerner CEO Neal Patterson noted the deal was meant, in part, to help the electronic health record giant chart a course for the "post-meaningful use" era.
stressed doc
By Bernie Monegain 12:24 pm September 30, 2014
The Department of Health and Human Services published a final rule for Stage 2 meaningful use August 29 that offers hospitals and physicians flexibility for 2014. CHIME and professional organizations had asked for even more flexibility.
By Mike Miliard 11:42 am September 30, 2014
Comments from the Premier healthcare alliance in late August were just the latest in a deluge of opinions and wish lists inundating Capitol Hill, after two senators asked for input on interoperability and data sharing.
By Erin McCann 11:07 am September 30, 2014
By mining state Medicaid data and utilizing a population health platform, the Wyoming Department of Health was able to slash its Medicaid-related emergency room visits by 20 percent in a one-year period.
By Erin McCann 11:07 am September 29, 2014
A mail merge gone wrong has officials at the University of Florida and Texas Health and Human Services rushing to send patient notification letters after the error, which occurred a year ago, resulted in a data breach.
Stressed man with head on laptop
By Government Health IT Staff 10:01 am September 22, 2014
Millions of dollars in Medicare payments to providers may be at risk after a technical glitch in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services meaningful use program's reporting system was discovered recently.
By David Weldon 10:04 am September 17, 2014
As the Affordable Care Act shifts the reimbursement landscape, hospitals are adjusting their recruiting practices -- turning and eye toward outpatient services and seeking skilled data analysts.
By Erin McCann 10:54 am September 10, 2014
How do individual states stack up when it comes to telemedicine coverage and reimbursement? A new report from the American Telemedicine Association details just that.
Money and stethoscope
By Erin McCann 10:54 am September 09, 2014
The Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services is the latest entity to face criticism over its handling of electronic health record incentive payments, after it was found to have overpaid hospitals $3.1 million in federal cash.

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