Meaningful use

By Joel French 06:23 am September 05, 2014
Healthcare industry stakeholders have long imagined the improvements enabled by a digital world. Yet despite the widespread optimism, electronic health records have so far failed to transform the healthcare industry.
By Sherwood Chapman 08:45 am September 04, 2014
The daunting task of connecting fragmented data is the responsibility of providers and insurance providers after the adoption of EHR systems. How can this process be simplified?
By John Halamka 09:13 am September 02, 2014
Friday was my one day of summer vacation, enabled by the large number of people taking a long Labor Day weekend. Some things are worth interrupting your vacation.
By John Halamka 09:29 am August 13, 2014
Hospitals across the country have until September 30 to complete their 2014 reporting period for meaningful use Stage 2. The trajectory is very positive but the position is less than perfect.
By Steve Pacicco 02:18 pm July 31, 2014
Although electronic health record adoption is more saturated in hospitals and physician practices, long-term and post-acute care organizations have not been as quick to adopt this technology. But now, forward-thinking LTPACs are shifting their focus toward EHR technology advancement and adoption.
By John Halamka 10:18 am July 18, 2014
The July meeting of the HIT Standards Committee included important discussions of certification for post acute care and behavior health applications, review of data segmentation for privacy, analysis of provider directory standards and more.
By Keith W. Boone 09:26 am July 03, 2014
One way that standards happen is when a single organization decides that a standard should exist and funds the development of it. The question that concerns me about this is what happens when the funding goes away.
By John Halamka 10:29 am July 01, 2014
John Halamka, MD recently found out that interoperability becomes much more real when you watch your own family members experience it.
By Steve Tolle 08:07 am July 01, 2014
Imaging is an increasingly important quality indicator, both for healthcare organizations and individual providers. As narrow networks take hold, however, they will fundamentally change the economics for both hospitals and ambulatory facilities that have and focus on image intensive specialties.
By Yoganand Sundararajan 01:20 pm June 26, 2014
These are very interesting times for the EHR vendors. EHR systems have undergone a dramatic change over the last 10 years and the pace of change has actually accelerated over the past five years, especially in the backdrop of meaningful use deadlines.

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