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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
By Jeff Rowe 02:36 am November 02, 2015
For any health IT department, these days, change may be the only thing you can count on from one day to the next. But according to Susan Pellecchia, director of information services at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, N.J., the trick is to take it all one step at a time.
Lake Region Healthcare
By Jack McCarthy 10:59 pm November 01, 2015
At Lake Region Healthcare, in Fergus Falls, Minn., the IT department is finding success with the help of several nurses acting as IT staff clinical analysts.
Fort Memorial Hospital
By Jack McCarthy 10:58 pm November 01, 2015
Fort Memorial Hospital, in Fort Atkinson, Wis., is achieving efficiencies and improvements in its IT development by looking to an IT outsource leader. The hospital uses the services of Cerner Corp., a global supplier of health information technology.
Regional Medical Center Anniston
By Jack McCarthy 10:48 pm November 01, 2015
At Regional Medical Center Anniston, Chief Information Officer Pete Furlow says his IT department is pushing forward to lay out its technology roadmap in keeping with government requirements -- but at the same time its staff strives to help physicians and nurses improve workflows based the their individual needs.
Stressed doctor
By Jack McCarthy 10:03 am October 29, 2015
A survey of emergency department doctors and staff found widespread dissatisfaction with interoperability and usability in Emergency Department Information Systems.
Megaphone and whistle
By Jessica Davis 10:42 am October 27, 2015
The American Academy of Family Physicians has launched an online platform to encourage its members to send a message to Congress, sharing their concerns about Stage 3 meaningful use.
Typing on laptop
By Mike Miliard 10:28 am October 27, 2015
Portals and personal health records have been touted as ways to spur better patient engagement and set the stage for improved outcomes. But a new study shows they often aren't used at all by the very people who may need them most.
Healthcare icons
By Eric Wicklund 09:52 am October 21, 2015
Care coordination specialist builds out its toolbox by purchasing a platform that makes provider data available to caregivers and patients.
Fareed Zakaria
By Bernie Monegain 08:06 am October 21, 2015
As Fareed Zakaria sees it, the remedy for America's ailing and expensive health system is clear. It might be hard for some to swallow, but, in his view, it is sure and proven.
Error screen
By Tom Sullivan 07:49 am October 20, 2015
The EHR Association takes issue with ONC's limited anecdotal claims and heterogeneous definition of information blocking.

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