Massachusetts General Hospital

By Bernie Monegain 10:45 am July 15, 2014
For the first time, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., claimed the No. 1 spot on U.S. News & World Report's annual list of top hospitals, edging out Massachusetts General. Johns Hopkins Hospital, which in 2012 lost a 21-year first-place ranking, came in at No. 3.
Illustration of physical exam
By Kaiser Health News 10:23 am May 23, 2014
Over the past few decades the physical diagnosis skills that were once the cornerstone of doctoring have withered, supplanted by a dizzying array of sophisticated, expensive tests, according to medical educators.
By Eric Wicklund 10:29 am May 22, 2014
Making telemedicine work is often no easy process, but officials from Boston-based Partners HealthCare, a longtime leader in connected health, believe they've done it. So what's their secret?
Partners HealthCare to gain efficiencies by consolidating lab systems.
By Bernie Monegain 10:44 am May 13, 2014
Partners HealthCare will be consolidating 19 separate pathology systems at six-hospital based programs to seven pathology systems. Six of the Partners hospitals will consolidate lab operations on a single enterprise system from Tucson, Ariz.-based Sunquest Information System.
Health IT headway 'breathtaking'
By Chris Nerney 12:00 am December 20, 2013
"In 2003, fewer than 5 percent of hospitals in the U.S. had any form of electronic records," said David Brailer, MD, who became the nation's first "heath information czar" in 2004. "A smaller percentage of doctors' offices had them, probably less than 1 percent. It was something everyone knew was inevitable, but the fire had not been lit," he...
By Chris Nerney 12:00 am December 20, 2013
"I was talking recently with a man who told me about visiting an endocrinologist 10 years ago," said Cheryl Stephens, CEO of Community Health Information Collaborative, based in Duluth, Minn.
Margaret Hamburg, MD
By Diana Manos 09:35 am December 13, 2013
The question is how to support and encourage changes in healthcare even as it is being molded by a digital tidal wave. Policy surely can't keep up, though the federal government and its host of volunteer advisory boards are losing sleep in a valiant effort to do so.
Rural hospitals rule on Leapfrog list
By Bernie Monegain 07:05 am December 04, 2013
For the second consecutive year, rural hospitals stood out, with 22 hospitals making the Leapfrog Group's 2013 Top Hospitals list -- a 69 percent increase from last year. Rounding out the list are 55 urban hospitals and 13 children's hospitals.
EHR cost data for docs? Big money saver
By Erin McCann 10:47 am November 22, 2013
With annual healthcare expenditures topping $2.7 trillion, industry leaders are rushing to take new cost-cutting measures. One of those measures involves displaying the costs of lab tests in an EHR so docs can see a real-time price comparison of what they're ordering. From a savings perspective, it's working.
Gary Gibbons NIH
By Bernie Monegain 06:35 am October 07, 2013
Several big name hospitals, including Cleveland Clinic, Boston Children's and several University of California entities, recently landed National Institutes of Health funding to speed innovations in public health.

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