Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

By Anthony Brino 09:44 am May 13, 2014
Despite many physicians and hospitals now meaningfully using electronic health records, there's still a huge gap when it comes to these providers actually exchanging patient data. That reality has some regional extension centers taking up the work of health information exchange. The funding, however, is often hard to come by.
By Tom Sullivan 01:21 pm February 25, 2014
Ubiquitous consumer engagement is a distant point on the horizon, but the U.S. healthcare system can get there, if we plot a proper course.
Deven McGraw, chair of HIT Policy Committee's Privacy and Security Tiger Team
By Bernie Monegain 09:58 am February 04, 2014
The ONC's Health IT Policy Committee's Privacy and Security Tiger Team is calling for public comment on privacy and policy concerns surrounding patients giving access to their health information.
Leon Rodriquez OCR HIPAA
By Erin McCann 10:06 am September 23, 2013
OCR Director Leon Rodriguez offered new details on the Omnibus Final Rule as he took the stage at the two-day Healthcare IT News and HIMSSMedia Privacy & Security Forum in Boston.
By Erin McCann 12:00 am August 15, 2013
Leon Rodriguez, director of the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, is a serious looking guy.
By Anthony Brino 09:45 am July 11, 2013
As the Health IT Policy Committee prepares proposals for Stage 3 meaningful use, which will put even more emphasis on health information exchange, the committee's Information Exchange Workgroup has issued preliminary recommendations on patient record queries and provider directories.
By Bernie Monegain 12:00 am May 20, 2013
It’s been nearly 10 years since Micky Tripathi took the reins as chief executive officer of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, a combination non-profit/for-profit collaborative of 34 nonprofit healthcare organizations in Massachusetts, founded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, American College of Physicians and the Mass Medical...
By Mike Miliard 10:38 am April 25, 2013
The Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative will offer program management services to support the Massachusetts eHealth Institute Last Mile Program, which seeks to stimulate adoption of health information exchange technology.
Micky Tripathi
By Anthony Brino 08:01 am April 04, 2013
Although HIE "is advancing rapidly" in much of the country, "it is being held back by demand--and supply-side friction created by variation in federal and state programs and policies that give unequal and sometimes conflicting emphasis on interoperability," Micky Tripathi, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative president and the federal Health IT...
By Tom Sullivan 07:56 am March 01, 2013
A raft of technologies including broadband, cloud computing, cheaper storage and mobile devices, among others, is driving the transformation. At the same time, market expectations regarding standards of care are changing, as are younger providers' relationship with health-specific IT.

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