Leon Rodriguez

Report spotlights OCR security failures
By Erin McCann 08:31 am December 10, 2013
It's an ironic story. The Office for Civil Rights, the division of HHS responsible for investigating HIPAA privacy and security violations, is now facing scrutiny after its own security practices failed to meet federal requirements.
The December print issue of Healthcare IT News
By Richard Pizzi 09:49 am December 04, 2013
The December issue of Healthcare IT News has traditionally highlighted the biggest stories tackled by our staff during the previous 12 months. But the biggest news doesn't always mean good news, and it certainly didn't in 2013.
By Mike Miliard 12:00 am November 10, 2013
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has settled with Affinity Health Plan, a New York-based managed care plan, for HIPAA violations to the tune of $1,215,780 after a photocopier containing patient information was compromised.
By Erin McCann 12:00 am November 10, 2013
Leon Rodriguez, director of the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, represents the face of the more-stringent-than-ever HIPAA Omnibus Rule.
New HIPAA rule could change BAA talks
By Mike Miliard 11:19 am October 17, 2013
With an onus now on vendors to keep hosted data secure, that can make business associate agreements trickier than ever to negotiate as hospitals try to protect patient information and IT companies try to shield themselves from risk. Four providers offer tips from the trenches on getting the language right.
VA remains one of top privacy offenders
By Erin McCann 11:02 am October 14, 2013
The Department of Veterans Affairs continues to be one of the biggest offenders of HIPAA privacy and security rules and has reported egregious breaches in recent years, affecting millions of veterans and active service members.
Unencryption at core of HIPAA breach
By Erin McCann 07:51 am October 02, 2013
A San Jose, Calif.-based hospital is notifying patients that their protected health information has been compromised after an unencrypted laptop was stolen from the hospital over the weekend.
Leon Rodriguez
By Erin McCann 10:13 am September 24, 2013
When OCR Director Leon Rodriguez took the stage Sept. 23 at the HIMSS Media and Healthcare IT News Privacy and Security Forum, the timing was perfect. With the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule taking effect on the same day, Rodriguez talked to the increased enforcement to come.
Leon Rodriquez OCR HIPAA
By Erin McCann 10:06 am September 23, 2013
OCR Director Leon Rodriguez offered new details on the Omnibus Final Rule as he took the stage at the two-day Healthcare IT News and HIMSSMedia Privacy & Security Forum in Boston.
By Erin McCann 12:00 am September 20, 2013
A St. Louis suburb-based orthodontist office is notifying 10,000 patients that their protected health information and Social Security numbers have been compromised following the recent burglary of company computers and hardware. 

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