Johns Hopkins University

National Science Foundation
By 09:50 am December 23, 2015
The National Science Foundation will provide a $10 million grant to researchers at several top universities to support their work on cloud and mobile network security in healthcare.
Jonathan S. Lewin, MD
By 10:22 am December 17, 2015
Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, senior vice president for integrated healthcare delivery and co-chair for strategic planning at Johns Hopkins Medicine, will leave the Baltimore health system for Emory Healthcare in Atlanta. He is slated to begin his tenure as president, CEO and chairman of the board of directors at Emory on Feb. 1.
By 10:00 am December 08, 2015
SAP on Tuesday announced two new products for housing and analyzing clinical and genomics data. The tools are built on top of its HANA in-memory computing platform.
Pile of money
By 09:28 am December 02, 2015
Some major hospital systems are seeing an increase in ransomware attacks, which is forcing them to ask a difficult question: give into criminal demands or not?
Doctor looking at vitals on monitor
By 11:11 am October 20, 2015
Johns Hopkins is working with Microsoft to develop a data sharing platform that will better integrate medical devices in the intensive care unit and help prevent medical errors.
By 09:09 am October 19, 2015
There's little question that patient engagement is one of the most promising trends in healthcare today. The potential for cost-savings, personalized care and healthier populations is huge. But the industry has a way to go before reaching that Holy Grail.
Chip Kahn III
By 07:47 am October 08, 2015
Chip Kahn III, President and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals, is not shy about giving his opinion. After all, he's been steeped in healthcare policy at the national level throughout his career.
By 08:02 am October 05, 2015
Retired Army Captain hopes his story can remind health IT stakeholders of the value and importance of their work as well as what drew them to it in the first place.
Doctor and patient with laptop
By 08:06 am September 30, 2015
The trick is in helping people make their own decisions without being overly prescriptive.
LDS Hospital
By 10:20 am August 28, 2015
Intermountain Healthcare opened a state-of-the-art simulation center at one of its hospitals this week. It's a place where doctors, nurses and healthcare staff can practice and perfect their skills while employing technology they will put to work for their patients in real medical situations.

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