Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)

By John Halamka 09:09 am November 18, 2015
As expected, John Halamka, MD, received a large number of comments on his post about his suggestions for the path to meaningful use. In this follow-up, he continues the dialog.
By Chad Johnson 08:34 am February 25, 2015
Chad Johnson speaks with Michael James McCoy, MD, ONC's Chief Health Information Officer, about his new position and his vision for a learning health system.
By Keith W. Boone 08:40 am January 23, 2015
The first official meeting of the Healthcare Standards Integration workgoup was convened at the HL7 working group meeting, to review feedback on FHIR resources that had already been jointly developed by IHE and HL7.
By Keith W. Boone 09:08 am December 09, 2014
Whatever it is -- if it involves health IT, interoperability, or anything else -- the answer seems to be FHIR.
By Keith W. Boone 09:12 am November 17, 2014
Several IHE Domains met last week to discuss work items for the coming season of interoperability.
By Keith W. Boone 03:57 pm October 21, 2014
The fundamental organization of data in an EHR around information documented during an encounter isn't likely to change whether you look at a large grained document-centric approach, or a finer-grained data item-centric approach.
By Chad Johnson 08:28 am June 03, 2014
The Direct Project's use is increasing at a rapid pace. The meaningful use-required transport standard is easy to use and is finally starting to change the discussion those in the health IT industry are having around health information exchange.
By Keith W. Boone 09:14 am February 26, 2014
If you've been reading the Meaningful Use 2015 NPRM as I recently did, you probably came across the discussion around requiring certified products to accept 95 percent of CDA documents.
By Keith W. Boone 10:34 am October 02, 2013
Non-essential US government operations are shut down. That has some impacts on us in the Health IT Standards development space.
By Parag Someshwar 09:10 am June 13, 2013
There has been some buzz lately about how interoperability is a non-issue. I beg to differ. With increasing pressure from federal initiatives like Meaningful Use Stage 2, there is growing need for information exchange across the industry.

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