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By 12:31 pm May 29, 2015
"Population health" is a term that is widely used in healthcare, but not universally understood. Various definitions emphasize outcomes, measurement or accountability. So what does population health truly mean?
By 10:22 am September 04, 2014
The big data fad in healthcare is the direct result of a quarter century of hype about electronic medical records, promoted by the health policy elite with the encouragement and financial assistance of the computer industry.
By 08:29 am February 06, 2014
One of the enduring ironies when it comes to health IT is the contradiction between the understandable concern among healthcare stakeholders over data security and the apparent willingness of patients to share their own information. Two recent polls bear this out.
By 01:28 pm January 23, 2013
Today, as in last year’s New Year blog post, I will share with you a few of the ways in which ONC has interacted with you to meet its mission and mandate over the past year.
By 08:22 am October 09, 2012
With the recent explosion in the use of technology in healthcare, preparing students who are in clinical programs for the leap into the preverbal technology pool is essential to their success.
By 09:15 am April 17, 2012
The proposed rule for Stage 2 Meaningful Use has a strong emphasis on patient engagement. This is certainly a good thing, and I am very glad to see the focus put on this area.
By 08:14 am June 20, 2011
A new Health and Human Services (HHS) initiative, Partnership for Patients, is calling hospitals to focus on nine specific types of medical errors where the potential is great for increased care.
By 09:15 am October 12, 2010
Two landmark reports by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) changed Americans’ perception of their health care system and launched today’s drive to improve the quality and safety of medical care in America. The reports were To Err Is Human, published in 1999, and Crossing the Quality Chasm, released in 2001.
By 08:31 am June 07, 2010
Institute of Medicine President Harvey Fineberg and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius launched the Community Health Data Initiative on June 2 at an IOM Forum in Washington, D.C. The initiative represents the hard work of many people, especially HHS CTO Todd Park.
By 09:14 am April 21, 2010
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a summary report of the public forum on the Initiative on the Future of Nursing, which was held in October 2009. IOM and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are collaborating on the three public forums regarding this initiative. There were a number of takeaways.

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