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Consumer Partnership for eHealth
By 10:28 am August 27, 2013
Arguing that IT offers the opportunity to help "every American" lead a full and healthy life, the Consumer Partnership for eHealth, a coalition of more than 50 consumer, patient and labor organizations, has published an action plan designed to ensure that disparities of care are a critical focus of Stage 3 meaningful use.
By 10:58 am August 15, 2013
A new report issued Thursday by AHRQ has found that certain health IT products, including those that provide decision support, clinical workflow support, and care coordination can lead to better healthcare outcomes.
mobile medical app regulation
By 09:25 am July 15, 2013
Not everyone is eager to see the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issue its final guidance on mobile medical app regulation. In fact, some are wondering if the FDA is even the right agency to take charge of mHealth oversight.
By 03:25 pm July 02, 2013
With sights set on utilizing health IT to curb the alarming number of medical errors that transpire each year, ONC officials unveiled Tuesday their final plan to bolster patient safety initiatives nationwide.
By 12:39 pm June 12, 2013
As in many fields, it's taken for granted that a physician's education never really ends. But when it comes to continuing medical education, many healthcare stakeholders believe that the current system is, in a nutshell, broken.
accountable care
By 10:04 am May 20, 2013
There are buzz phrases, and then there are buzz phrases. And if there's one phrase that has permeated the healthcare sector more thoroughly than all the others, it's probably "accountable care." But what exactly does it mean? Or, more to the point for healthcare providers, how do you know when you're actually providing it?
By 10:40 am March 22, 2013
Quality measurement and quality improvement efforts in the outpatient setting have neglected critical areas of high quality care, writes Tara Bishop, MD, in a viewpoint article published March 21 in the online version of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Bishop urges a fresh look at the measures, and says the time is right for a...
By 01:20 pm March 06, 2013
(COMMENTARY) Almost 20 years ago close to 4,000 people from 200 companies gathered in San Diego for a conference to discuss the future of healthcare information technology. It was one of the first big conferences held by HIMSS. Glen Tullman, who was among the attendees, pauses to consider what has happened in the world of IT since then.
By 11:01 am February 22, 2013
A new report, supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, demonstrates that processing prescriptions through computerized provider order entry can cut drug errors in half, and could avoid more than 17 million adverse incidents annually.
By 10:22 am February 19, 2013
When Medicomp chief executive officer David Lareau hears U.S. chief technology officer Todd Park talk about the need to find the right technology to set data free and make it usable, Lareau wants to tell him he has just the thing.

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