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University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics
By Bernie Monegain 11:06 am December 01, 2014
The University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, which has already achieved Stage 7 on the HIMSS Analytics scale, has won the 2014 enterprise Davies Award. With the use of its electronic health record, the health system was able to improve workflow and documentation as well as significantly reduce adverse drug events and hospital acquired infections.
By Mike Miliard 01:56 pm November 25, 2014
In our monthly "Benchmarks" column, Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics take stock of the market for imaging technology. While provider buying trends may have been relatively staid these past several years, hospital consolidation and image proliferation point to a new era for archiving and retrieval systems.
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By Mike Miliard 02:07 pm October 14, 2014
Here's the good news: Seventy-seven percent of free-standing physician practices have an ambulatory electronic medical record system installed, and a robust 90 percent of hospital-owned providers are up and running with EMRs. But there's not-so-good news, too.
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By Mike Miliard 02:45 pm October 07, 2014
When announcing his company's seismic $1.3 billion acquisition of Siemens Health Services this past summer, Cerner CEO Neal Patterson noted the deal was meant, in part, to help the electronic health record giant chart a course for the "post-meaningful use" era.
By Anthony Brino 10:26 am September 08, 2014
The fear of breaches, subsequent fines and reputation loss are among the reasons why some healthcare technology leaders have been hesitant to embrace cloud-based technology writ large. They need not fear, but should be informed.
By Jack Beaudoin 03:03 pm August 27, 2014
Last month, I reported on preliminary findings from Healthgrades and HIMSS Analytics showing that more sophisticated deployments of electronic medical records had a statistically significant impact on patient outcomes in U.S. hospitals.
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By Bernie Monegain 10:53 am August 22, 2014
A new survey and study conducted by HIMSS Analytics shows demand for qualified health IT workers is as high as it's ever been and "projected to continue in the foreseeable future."
By Mike Miliard 11:12 am August 14, 2014
Nearly half of healthcare organizations polled for a new HIMSS Analytics report use telemedicine technology -- with some of them combining as many as four different tools to enable remote care.
By Jack Beaudoin 11:11 am August 04, 2014
For at least the last decade, the health IT field has seen a scholarly back-and-forth on the effectiveness of electronic medical records.
Bridge over ocean
By Mike Miliard 10:32 am August 04, 2014
For the moment, at least, it seems Stage 2 meaningful use is just too difficult for most hospitals and practices to manage. With attestation numbers disappointingly low through the first half of 2014, can we expect to see an appreciable uptick in success stories by the end of the year? One observer's opinion: "probably not."

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