Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act

By Brian Ahier 09:50 am February 22, 2013
The Health IT Standards Committee has formed a new workgroup, the Consumer Technology Workgroup (CTWG).
By Jeff Rowe 08:21 am February 07, 2013
To put it mildly, the transition to EHRs comes freighted with a whole host of expectations.
By Matt Langan 08:34 am January 11, 2013
In 2013, healthcare IT will experience these six shifts that have the potential to transform the industry.
By Brian Ahier 11:21 am November 15, 2012
On Wednesday, November 14, 2012, the Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology held a hearing entitled "Is 'Meaningful Use' Delivering Meaningful Results?: An Examination of Health Information Technology Standards and Interoperability".
By John Trader 01:11 pm October 31, 2012
Although we all applaud the massive push towards electronic health records and the digitization of medical information, there are some very tangible cybercrime data breach threats that exist which could topple the momentum gained by the launch of the HITECH Act two and half years ago.
By John Trader 08:14 am October 03, 2012
For some of us, it will be hard not to take an increasingly vested interest in how our healthcare is administered considering the rapid changes sprung from the launch of The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act and subsequent meaningful use requirements.
By John Moore 09:14 am October 02, 2012
Recently upon leaving my doctor’s office I was presented with a print-out of my visit summary. Knowing I worked it the HIT space my doctor proudly stated that this was one the ways that they planned to meet one of the menu objectives of Stage One meaningful use (MU).
By Sam Rangaswamy 08:16 am July 18, 2012
There is little question that healthcare is undergoing a significant transformation. Patient-centered, accountable care and pay-for-performance reimbursements are converging to create a unique environment for payers, providers and patients alike.
By Stephen Burrows 08:14 am July 17, 2012
Never before has the industry of healthcare information technology seen such rapid growth both in scope and volume of work.
By Rich Sadowski 01:01 pm June 14, 2012
America’s population is aging, insurance enrollment is growing, healthcare utilization is increasing, and the cost of delivering medical care is rising. As a result, many companies in the healthcare industry are being challenged to serve more patients and members, to improve the quality of care, and to reduce operational costs.

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