Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act

By Edmund Billings, MD 12:55 pm June 10, 2014
Over the last few weeks, access to VA healthcare for veterans has been all over the news. At the same time, the DoD is moving to procure a replacement EHR system.
By David Harlow 08:51 am April 29, 2014
The Heartbleed web security exploit was first publicized several weeks ago. Fred Trotter notes in the MIT Technology Review that other similarly worrisome exploits do not get our attention in the same way, and that more health data leaks are likely in our future.
By Karen DeSalvo 08:13 am February 20, 2014
This week marks a major milestone in our journey towards adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records. As we work toward the secure, private and meaningful exchange of interoperable health information across the continuum of care, the law that made much of this possible turns five.
By John Moore 07:51 am February 06, 2014
To insure physicians were paid for services rendered, EHRs were architected to record episodic events with various codes for specific procedures. Sad thing is that today's crop of EHRs do not even do a very good job of that.
By David Harlow 08:42 am January 30, 2014
The recent FTC decision in the LabMD case has HIPAA-watchers scratching their heads, tugging their beards, and generally wondering about reconciling FTC-style litigation-based regulation with OCR-style rule-based regulation of health care data privacy and security.
By John Moore 08:57 am December 31, 2013
Making predictions for the coming year is almost a rite of passage for any self-respecting analyst firm and what the heck, from our vantage point, we may have a slightly better view into the future than most.
By Lindy Benton 08:47 am November 25, 2013
The good news for patients is that their personal health information is becoming more secure all the time. But it takes unfortunate breaches, such as an event that occurred in Charlotte in August 2013, to highlight the need for increasingly stronger data-security provisions.
By John Moore 10:10 am November 19, 2013
A common and somewhat unique aspect to EHR vendor contracts is that the EHR vendor lays claim to the data entered into their system. It confounds us as to why healthcare organizations let their vendors of choice get away with this.
By Michele Judge 07:56 am November 18, 2013
Care coordination requires a mix of advanced, integrated solutions; including EHRs, automated prescription and lab ordering tools, online documentation and billing processes and clinical decision support technologies working in harmony to share information throughout the enterprise.
By David Lareau 08:49 am October 10, 2013
As talks continue about big data and how to aggregate and share it electronically, we need to keep our ultimate goal in sight – giving providers the information required to better manage the health of the individual patient, in real time at the point of care.

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