Harris, C. Martin

By Bernie Monegain 02:57 pm April 29, 2015
After a year of listening to patients, innovators, researchers, providers, consumers and regulators, Energy and Commerce Committee leaders from both parties have released a draft bill aimed at furthering its work on the 21st Century Cures initiative.
Cleveland Clinic
By Bernie Monegain 10:16 am February 23, 2015
Cleveland Clinic has partnered with a cable TV giant to form an alliance that aims to expand the reach of healthcare beyond the hospital, into a mall kiosk, a mobile phone or a patient's home.
By Mike Miliard 10:29 am December 16, 2014
HIMSS Analytics has awarded Cleveland Clinic Health System with its Stage 7 Ambulatory Award, lauding the health system's outpatient settings for using patient-generated data to improve outcomes, and for lowering costs by avoiding unnecessary tests.
C. Martin Harris
By Erin McCann 10:57 am November 03, 2014
You want genomic analysis and big data to take off? Don't count on it until interoperability becomes more than just a plan tossed about in federal HIT policy meetings. It actually needs to come to fruition, said Cleveland Clinic's Chief Information Officer C. Martin Harris. Otherwise, healthcare innovation: Welcome to limbo.
C. Martin Harris
By Bernie Monegain 11:03 am October 15, 2013
The Cleveland Clinic's annual Medical Innovation Summit got under way at the new Global Center for Health Innovation on Oct. 15. Cleveland Clinic CIO C. Martin Harris spoke about how the health system stays nimble on the innovation front.
By Bernie Monegain 12:00 am June 15, 2013
A half-million Cleveland Clinic patients gained access to more of their healthcare information last month – and by the end of the year, they will see all that is in their electronic medical record, including physician notes, via MyChart, the hospital’s secure online patient portal.
By Bernie Monegain 09:57 am June 07, 2013
By the end of the year, a half million Cleveland Clinic patients will see all that is in their electronic medical record, including physician notes.
By Mike Miliard 01:45 pm October 30, 2012
Cleveland Clinic and IBM are partnering to increase the use of the Watson supercomputer in medical training. IBM researchers will work with Cleveland Clinic faculty and students to enhance Watson's Deep Question Answering technology for medicine.
By Mike Miliard 10:32 am January 10, 2012
Now is time of year when people dust off their crystal balls, polish up their powers of prognostication and make predictions for the annum ahead. What will 2012 hold in store?
By Mike Miliard 11:05 am March 31, 2010
Cleveland Clinic Chief Information Officer C. Martin Harris, MD, and Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of Microsoft Health Solutions Group are talking about a collaboration that is, in Harris's words, "fundamentally changing the paradigm of chronic disease management."

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