Geisinger Health System

By Patty Enrado 10:34 am September 27, 2011
They might be late to the Health 2.0 party, they said. However, a panel of employers and healthcare insurers at the Health 2.0 conference on Monday made it clear they are ready to play.
By Mary Mosquera 08:40 am September 21, 2011
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is testing a tool among physicians to identify and report patient safety risks and near misses that may arise from the interaction of health IT with other systems or as a result of software design.
By Bernie Monegain 08:57 am September 20, 2011
Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pa., took the American Medical Group Association's 2011 Acclaim Award. The health system, known for its pioneering use of healthcare information technology, was recognized for its Transforming Care Delivery: Patient-centric, Value-driven Innovation initiative.
By Bernie Monegain 10:14 am August 22, 2011
Geisinger Health System has implemented the Altosoft Insight for Pathology system at its clinical and anatomic pathology labs in order to produce quicker and more in-depth reports on use and service in a fraction of the time.
By Bernie Monegain 11:14 am August 16, 2011
Geisinger Health System researchers have developed a new post-traumatic stress disorder prediction tool they say is simple to administer and appears to outperform other screening methods.
By Michael Hansen, CEO, Elsevier 11:37 am July 05, 2011
From an editorial in the Jan. 31, 2011, issue of The Boston Globe, this real-life scenario is all too typical. Providers make decisions absent easy access to a patient’s complete medical history as well as guidelines, best practices, checklists and scientific findings that support them in providing the best possible care to patients.
By Bernie Monegain 11:20 am May 04, 2011
Kudos to David Blumenthal, MD, as he returns to his academic work after what many in the health IT realm view as a stellar two-year run (and we do mean run) as the nation’s health information technology chief.
By Bernie Monegain 11:06 am May 04, 2011
Connecting has never been more critical.
By Healthcare IT News 08:55 am April 06, 2011
Five health systems, each a leader in the use of electronic medical records for their patients, joined together today to announce a new initiative to securely exchange electronic health data, with the first data exchange planned in the next year.
By Bernie Monegain 10:07 am March 09, 2011
Nearly half a million patients in New York's Hudson Valley are now associated with a patient-centered medical home, created in part with the help of $1.5 million in incentives provided by six health plans. The Taconic Health Information Network and Community (THINC) brought the plans together.

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