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By Mike Miliard 10:35 am June 16, 2015
The Personal Connected Health Alliance and HIMSS are partnering with the Games for Health Project, aiming to help increase the role of mobile and personal health technology in care delivery by convening clinical IT innovators with gamers and game developers.
HIMSS crowd
By Chris Nerney 08:12 am March 13, 2015
"These events will provide practical advice to investors, providers and entrepreneurs in the health tech space, including how-to guidance on establishing collaborations, structuring deals and identifying market opportunities."
Oculus rift
By Mike Miliard 10:39 am August 07, 2014
Virtual reality is nothing new, of course. It's been around in various forms since the 1980s. But an emerging technology called Oculus Rift has many people excited about a new era for the concept -- and its potential applications in healthcare.
Gamification comes to clinicians
By Mike Miliard 11:28 am March 17, 2014
There's been a lot of talk in the past few years -- some would say too much, and way too excited -- about gamification.
By Eric Wicklund 12:00 am November 10, 2013
The organizers of the 2013 mHealth Summit aren't really interested in your mHealth pilots or proposals. That's so … 2012.
By Eric Wicklund 09:53 am July 01, 2013
A 16-year-old boy in Bulgaria is helping some of MIT's smartest minds to map the human brain -- by playing an online game. And someday, that work might be used to solve the mysteries of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. He's the top "scorer" in the game, in which participants map connections between retinal neurons to develop a 3-D portrait of a...
By Eric Wicklund 09:13 pm December 02, 2012
Long the realm of sports, fantasy and trivia, gaming technology is making its way into more serious domains. One of the more popular mash-ups involves mobile health, where games and gaming technology have been used to help "players" manage and even improve their lifestyle choices.
By Mike Miliard 11:20 pm June 14, 2012
At Games for Health 2012 in Boston on Thursday -- amid talk of virtual worlds, avatars, Kinect sensors, biomechanics, social media crowdsourcing and exergaming -- a policymaker from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT said that gaming is "on the radar of the federal government."
By Michelle McNickle 01:32 pm December 13, 2011
At the third annual mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C., major players in the mobile arena noted the impact mobile phones and other devices have and will continue to have both in the U.S. and across the globe. Brian Edwards, mHealth feature editor at iMedicalApps, agreed. We asked him to highlight five mobile trends to look for in 2012.
By Eric Wicklund 04:21 pm September 30, 2011
Mobile apps that guide people to the nearest emergency care clinic or specialist. Texting programs that remind those with chronic conditions to monitor their health. Bicycles that keep track of one’s vital signs. Teddy bears that can “send” hugs to family members.

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