Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

By Michael Nusimow 09:14 am December 20, 2013
Following are five things doctors need to know about moving from Stage 1 meaningful use to Stage 2, what it means and how to prepare.
By Matt Terry 02:32 pm November 19, 2013
Matt Terry discusses the Hybrid OR market and how the vendors are performing.
By Erik Bermudez 12:32 pm October 02, 2013
So you are in the market for a new EMR and you quickly realize that there are hundreds of companies in this market. How do you choose?
By Joseph C. Kvedar 02:15 pm September 27, 2013
The mobile health revolution is occurring in the midst of a much broader shift in business models around computing and software.
By August Calhoun 08:23 am August 29, 2013
If you’re a healthcare provider who has shied away from the cloud due to security concerns, you could be making a grave mistake. In fact, moving to the cloud can increase data security.
By William Ho 08:38 am July 15, 2013
File sharing happens frequently throughout the day. Nurses, technicians, physicians, medical records departments, transcriptionists and insurance companies all have their hands in a complex workflow revolving around patient care.
By Edmund Billings, MD 08:13 am May 10, 2013
A question: What is the opposite of health IT return on investment? The answer: Unintended financial consequences, or UFCs, for short.
By Jeff Rowe 08:21 am February 07, 2013
To put it mildly, the transition to EHRs comes freighted with a whole host of expectations.
By Shahid Shah 09:36 am December 26, 2012
App47 CEO and co-founder Chris Schroeder hosts a great podcast series called “What’s Appening!” in which he covers topics around enterprise-grade Mobile Application Management for securely deploying, managing, and analyzing business-critical mobile apps. Chris interviewed me for a recent episode in which we spoke at length about the management of...
By Joseph C. Kvedar 01:37 pm December 18, 2012
I recently coined a phrase while talking to our senior leadership at Partners HealthCare. I told them that we aspire to bring them “innovations they don’t yet know they need.”

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