Electronic Health Record (EHR)

By Healthcare IT News 12:06 pm March 03, 2014
If you think translation from one billing code set to the other will be all you need for the transition to ICD-10, think again. Read the paper that will help you understand the drastic difference in solutions being offered for ICD-10, and get the list of questions you should be asking your existing vendors now before it's too late. It will make...
By Healthcare IT News 12:17 pm January 02, 2014
Due to rapid technological and legislative changes, the data collection associated with providing healthcare has increased dramatically. As the volume of patient data increases, so does the complexity of the interfaces among medical devices, hospital information systems, and the electronic health record (EHR). Philips InteliBridge Enterprise (IBE...
By Healthcare IT News 01:02 pm December 17, 2013
Connecting patient health data across the care continuum is essential to achieve improved care, increased access to personal health records and lowered costs. A successful approach rests in having the hospital serve as the connectivity hub for bringing patients, care givers and healthcare professionals together in a secure, online environment....
By Healthcare IT News 01:25 pm December 03, 2013
The move to ICD-10 can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why it’s so important to begin the necessary work today. Ready yourself for the coming ICD-10 changes and their potential impact on your practice. Educate yourself with this new eBook, which contains plenty of expert advice to help your practice effectively prepare for ICD-10.
By Healthcare IT News 01:19 pm December 03, 2013
Did you know that nearly 50% of providers are switching EHRs? There are many reasons EHR users need replacement systems. Do you what those reasons are? Should you be part of the 50% who are switching EHRs? In this new eBook, you’ll learn what’s sparking this trend and whether you need to hop on board.
By Healthcare IT News 01:13 pm December 03, 2013
Unlock the Power of Your EHR! Gain leverage by optimizing your EHR. That’s what EHR optimization is all about. Creating leverage for your practice to be all it can be for your patients, your staff, and you! This eBook will summarize best practices for fine tuning your EHR system.
By Healthcare IT News 10:38 am November 27, 2013
Learn the emerging trends within the second-generation electronic health record (EHR) buyer market. “What You Need to Know in Replacing an EHR” identifies why organizations are replacing their systems and offers considerations for when and how to replace an existing electronic medical record system, including best practices for evaluating and...
By Healthcare IT News 09:15 am November 27, 2013
Beyond meeting meaningful use criteria healthcare organizations are seeking to validate their EHR deployments in terms of ROI and outcomes. While studies over time will likely confirm the positive impact EHRs have on improving quality of care, healthcare providers must justify their technology investments today as the industry continues its rapid...
By Healthcare IT News 11:23 am October 21, 2013
Iron Mountain has prepared this primer to help you navigate the changes in HIPAA, clarify the role of vendors and other third parties, and heighten your awareness of best practices that will aid in compliance and improve the management of both paper and electronic health records.
By Healthcare IT News 05:21 pm September 10, 2013
From the Healthcare IT News report, “Driving Value Across Your Enterprise. Document Management: A Core IT System,” this case study reveals how Allina Hospitals & Clinics makes good on its philosophy of “One Patient, One Record.” Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Allina’s not-for-profit network of 11 hospitals, 80 community- and hospital-based...

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