Circular maze illustration
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 11:00 am March 02, 2015
After a perplexing visit to the emergency department, one patient takes a critical look at the ways electronic health record design can lead to workflow processes that just don't make sense.
Marshfield Clinic
By Frank Irving 08:10 am February 10, 2015
A Wisconsin private practice will unveil an electronic health records system at HIMSS15 complete with advanced clinical documentation and charge capture.
By Anthony Vecchione 12:08 pm February 06, 2015
Increased adoption of electronic health records is helping pharmacists who work for payers and pharmacy benefit management companies improve outcomes, thanks to access to high-quality clinical data.
By Mike Miliard 02:28 pm December 12, 2014
The mood was hopeful as 2014 dawned. "This is the year," said Robert Tagalicod, director of the Office of E-Health Standards and Services at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, speaking in February at HIMSS14 in Orlando as the industry prepared for the kick-off of Stage 2 meaningful use attestations.
stressed doctor
By Frank Irving 10:04 am November 13, 2014
Electronic health records have seen encouraging uptake among office-based physicians in recent years, with eight in 10 now having at least a basic EHR in place. But what do these doctors really think about how health IT works at the point of care? Their frank opinions may surprise you.
Doctor with stethoscope and medical icons
By John W. Loonsk, MD 07:45 am October 22, 2014
The Ebola cases in the United States, despite their limited numbers, have generated considerable discussion and anxiety. But the focus on EHRs in these discussions does not recognize more prominent health IT needs when it comes potential outbreaks, nor the ways we have yet to meet most of these needs with incentives and infrastructure.
By Eric Wicklund 10:12 am October 20, 2014
One of the takeaways of a recent survey conducted by Software Advice indicates that mHealth users are better at using electronic health records -- and getting more out of them -- than doctors who use PCs.
Crumbling foundation
By Mike Miliard 10:54 am October 13, 2014
Providers have begun to make targeted use of leading-edge technologies to optimize their electronic medical records, but the vast majority don't yet have the IT capacity to make full use of advancements such as big data and the cloud.
ONC report to Congress highlights interoperability work ahead.
By Government Health IT Staff 10:38 am October 10, 2014
Health IT infrastructure has made significant progress in recent years, with EHR adoption among hospitals and physicians growing. However, the development of health information exchanges and interoperability - needed to provide more effective care - still has a long way to go.
Micky Tripathi
By Mike Miliard 11:05 am September 03, 2014
Micky Tripathi talks about the JASON Task Force, the market pressures pushing for data sharing and the way forward for health information exchange.

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