Data Warehousing

By Healthcare IT News 01:23 pm November 20, 2015
Today's organizations want more agility and capacity without increasing management time or costs. This solutions brief shows how a hybrid environment builds on existing investments, allowing you to incorporate new innovations at your own pace.
By Healthcare IT News 02:51 pm November 03, 2015
This case study shows how a New Jersey-based health plan provider transformed its datacenter and simplified administrative processes for both hospitals and patients, to meet new accountable care demands mandated by US federal regulations.
By Healthcare IT News 02:38 pm November 03, 2015
This article discusses how a new standard addresses the collective concern around the control, privacy and security of healthcare data, especially when stored and maintained with third-party IT cloud providers.
By Healthcare IT News 01:52 pm November 03, 2015
Learn how Meriter Hospital, a healthcare system in Madison, Wisconsin, fused financial, clinical, and supply chain data from multiple systems to optimize the value of their existing electronic medical records (EMR) solution.
By Healthcare IT News 11:29 am November 03, 2015
This recent IDC global study of business executives found a correlation between better outcomes from business analytics projects and greater competitiveness of an organization in its industry or a better ability to fulfill its public sector mission.
By Healthcare IT News 10:31 am November 03, 2015
As a variety of commonly cited issues get in the way, many healthcare C-level executives struggle with nocturnal tossing and turning. However, an emerging analytics paradigm can potentially act as a powerful sleep-promoting elixir.
By Healthcare IT News 02:26 pm October 15, 2015
Following a few simple steps will help you determine how a custom and intuitive ECM solution can be implemented enterprise-wide to create efficiencies and meet your constantly evolving business needs.
By Healthcare IT News 11:57 am July 24, 2015
Unstructured content-the information that resides outside your organization's core systems and processes-plagues nearly every healthcare organization, impeding your staff's ability to do their jobs effectively. Increase the value of your IT systems.
By Healthcare IT News 11:47 am July 24, 2015
There are literally hundreds of enterprise content management (ECM) vendors to choose from. But, don't let that overwhelm you. This guide will help you make sure you're considering the right solution and the right vendor.
By Healthcare IT News 11:38 am July 24, 2015
Healthcare IT solutions must provide a healthy ROI. Not only must every application, system and process comply with the federal regulations designed to improve healthcare quality and delivery, they must also bring business value to the organization.

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