Tablet and stethoscope
By Stephanie Bouchard 08:08 am March 25, 2015
(SPONSORED) Point-of-care technology is the key to providing patient care and efficient workflows. PC Connection, Inc. has the experts and services to ensure that you have the right devices and technology to provide excellent care.
Army personnel
By Allscripts 03:03 pm March 12, 2015
(SPONSORED) Dean Mericka of the Allscripts Federal Sector talks interoperability and the role of the EHR in coordinated care and clinical decision support.
Doctor with patient and parent
By Anthony Vecchione 08:02 am March 12, 2015
A study determined that a rise in CPOE rates and usage lowered the length of stay 63 percent across 13 of 19 disciplines.
Nurses on phones
By Anthony Vecchione 07:51 am February 27, 2015
Since computerized physician order entry was introduced as a vital part of their technology armamentarium, physicians have argued that, in order for CPOE to be effective, support and guidance are essential.

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