Cloud computing

Cloud computing
By Stephanie Bouchard 03:14 pm March 19, 2015
(SPONSORED) As healthcare continues toward the goal of being able to access information anytime, anywhere, it is increasingly clear that cloud computing delivers the most efficient technology integration.
By Bernie Monegain 10:16 am March 18, 2015
Premier aims to take the inaccuracies and inefficiencies out of health organizations' procurement process, with a new software-as-a service tool introduced by the healthcare alliance.
By Mike Miliard 10:10 am March 11, 2015
With an eye toward improving the agility of its workforce management programs -- and enabling its IT department to spend time on other projects -- Saint Mary's Hospital is migrating to a cloud-based platform.
Vintage fax
By Erin McCann 05:42 pm March 03, 2015
Don't count fax out of the healthcare picture quite yet. With a few 21st century updates and a little adaptation, what many thought would soon be an outmoded technology is proving its staying power.
Cloud with gears
By John Andrews 07:58 am March 02, 2015
Healthcare organizations considering a cloud or hybrid cloud for data storage are getting new options -- including one with a household name stamped all over it.
Signing contract
By Erin McCann 10:51 am February 25, 2015
There's a right way to manage third-party risks and vendor contracting, and there's the wrong way. And, too often, it's the latter. But it doesn't have to be. Here are some things your organization should keep in mind.
By Madelyn Kearns 08:07 am February 24, 2015
Optimizing EHRs for tablets is the first step toward transforming care delivery. Next up: Covering more steps of the care continuum.
Cleveland Clinic
By Bernie Monegain 10:16 am February 23, 2015
Cleveland Clinic has partnered with a cable TV giant to form an alliance that aims to expand the reach of healthcare beyond the hospital, into a mall kiosk, a mobile phone or a patient's home.
By Tom Sullivan 08:07 am February 23, 2015
Jointly developed in conjunction with two hospitals, POC Advisor is showing impressive early results.
By Erin McCann 03:28 pm February 20, 2015
Google and Amazon: you just got outplayed -- at least in the security standards arena. Just this month, tech giant Microsoft announced it was adopting the first international set of privacy standards for the cloud, making it the first major cloud computing platform to do so.

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