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By Carl Natale 03:05 pm April 25, 2014
Anyone attending the American Health Information Management Association's ICD-10-CM/PCS and Computer-Assisted Coding Summit isn't learning a lot about the new ICD-10 timeline.
By Edmund Billings, MD 12:42 pm April 23, 2014
Did you hear the one about the CMS administrator who was asked what it would take to delay the 2014 ICD-10 implementation deadline? An act of Congress, he smugly replied, according to unverified reports.
By Michael Brozino 11:31 am April 14, 2014
The first quarter of 2014 is over and yet we are still witnessing EHR system vendors asking the government for more time, or to lessen the certification demands, for Stage 2 of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Meaningful Use of EHRs program.
By Carl Natale 08:40 am April 10, 2014
Let's be honest. We shouldn't be surprised that an ICD-10 delay became law. It's a concept that is easier to hate than embrace.
By Jeff Tennant 02:51 pm April 09, 2014
The delay in ICD-10 implementation was met last week with equal parts relief and frustration. Health plans and healthcare providers who were ready are understandably frustrated by the delay; those that were seriously behind in preparations breathed a deep sigh of relief.
By Carl Natale 08:33 am March 17, 2014
Sometime before Oct. 1, medical practices need to test if the new ICD-10 procedures and tools will work.
By Carl Natale 09:06 am March 05, 2014
We're past the point that we can debate the timing of ICD-10 training. Start ICD-10 training now. It's that simple.
By John Halamka 09:32 am February 04, 2014
Feb. 4 at the HIT Policy Committee meeting, the Meaningful Use Workgroup presented its recommendations as part of the process leading to a final rule in 2015.
By John Halamka 08:47 am January 22, 2014
Karen DeSalvo started as the new National Coordinator for Healthcare Information Technology on January 13, 2014. What advice would I give her, given the current state of healthcare IT stakeholders?
By Carl Natale 08:32 am January 03, 2014
Healthcare organizations are going to have to make very smart decisions this year. And the best way to do that is to learn from the organizations that have completed a lot of the ICD-10 transition. Here's what you need to pay attention to.

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