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Hurricane Katrina
By John Andrews 10:55 am September 30, 2013
On any given day, a disaster occurring somewhere in the country is making news. And while the focus is (rightly) on the human toll and physical destruction these events cause, little attention is paid to how important data and IT infrastructure is lost to provider organizations in the danger zones.
By John Andrews 12:00 am August 15, 2013
On any given day, a disaster occurring somewhere in the country is making news – whether it’s wildfires out West, floods in the heartland, a major tornado in Oklahoma or a ferocious storm like Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast.
By Diana Manos 10:12 am April 29, 2013
ConnectedLiving, which works to help senior citizens live richer, more connected lives through the use of technology, has announced a partnership with CDW Healthcare, which will help provide internet connectivity to assisted living communities.
David Dimond
By John Andrews 12:00 am April 28, 2013
Although the telehealth concept has been around for decades, the changing healthcare business model combined with the proliferation of wireless communications may finally give it the spark it needs to really catch fire, market observers say.
By John Andrews 01:48 pm November 06, 2012
With its ease of installment, functional versatility, cost effectiveness and seemingly limitless capacity, cloud computing is taking the healthcare IT landscape by storm.
By Mike Miliard 10:30 am March 07, 2012
A new survey sponsored by CDW Healthcare shows 84 percent of providers reporting their care delivery has improved with help from health IT. Moreover, they say, the IT systems themselves are also improving.
By Patty Enrado 10:49 am June 06, 2011
Veteran HIMSS Virtual Conference & Expo attendees will find returning industry-leading healthcare IT companies in the Exhibit Hall showcasing their latest products and services.
By Molly Merrill 12:54 pm March 08, 2011
While patients trust their doctors to protect their information, 49 percent believe that EHRs will have a negative impact on the privacy of their personal health information (PHI) and data, according to a national survey.
By Patty Enrado 09:49 am November 01, 2010
Get ready to check out the latest health IT products and services in a relaxed environment. Explore the Exhibit Hall of the HIMSS Virtual Conference & Expo in a comfortable chair.
By Healthcare IT News 10:52 am September 28, 2010
Indicators are that sales of ambulatory electronic health records are sizzling, driven mostly by the prospect of federal incentives for the adoption and meaningful use of the technology.

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