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By 11:11 am December 23, 2014
Reggio Emilia Hospital was faced with a challenge. Although the 900-bed acute care hospital has a picture archiving and communication system, electronic health record and computerized physician order entry, it needed a final element: an integrated clinical image repository and distribution system.
DoD inks $70M medical imaging deal
By 06:11 am January 03, 2014
The U.S. Defense Department has furthered its investments in digital radiography and medical imaging systems after awarding a one-year, $70.2 million contract to imaging provider Carestream Health.
By 12:00 am September 20, 2013
Football season is now in full swing, and the hits keep coming. Now, more than ever, football is a dangerous game. That’s why the National Football League has finally embraced a full array of health information technology and radiology tools to help diagnose and track the litany of injuries that could afflict even the luckiest guy on the gridiron...
NFL embracing diagnostic imaging, EHRs
By 11:09 am August 15, 2013
The Buffalo Bills announced Wednesday they will partner with Carestream Health to develop new imaging technology aimed at early detection of brain injuries. It's just the latest development for a league that's deploying health IT in football stadiums nationwide.
By 10:52 am May 20, 2013
The healthcare IT applications market continues to grow, according to a new Research and Markets report, which projects that by 2017 the global market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7 percent.
By 10:17 am November 02, 2012
Carestream Health has acquired Los Angeles-based Genesis Digital Imaging, which develops imaging software and distributes diagnostic imaging systems.
By 01:07 pm August 14, 2012
Cloud-based clinical information systems are becoming increasingly attractive for clinicians, hospital administrations and CIOs.
By 04:03 pm July 02, 2012
Video may have killed the radio star, but the cloud is expected to rain on its parade, according to a new July report by MarketsandMarkets. Report authors announced Monday that the global healthcare cloud computing market is projected to precipitate a value of more than $5.4 billion by 2017.
By 10:45 am April 19, 2012
The National Institutes of Health has awarded a contract to Rochester, N.Y.-based Carestream Health for its radiology information system technology.
By 03:41 pm October 31, 2011
The University Hospital of Saint-Étienne, in France, has enlisted Carestream Health to install a CARESTREAM Vue Cloud PACS and Vue Cloud Archive to enable collaboration with nearby healthcare facilities in the region.

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