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By Healthcare IT News 01:13 pm November 20, 2015
Today's analytics solutions can empower health professionals to generate actionable insights from the industry's rapidly growing data sources. This solutions brief shows how to pull together and utilize disparate data types in innovative new ways.
By Healthcare IT News 02:48 pm November 06, 2015
Under an emerging new model of advanced analytics, enabled healthcare clinicians, staff and executives are creating data-driven cultures that drive pervasive insights actionable against their clinical and operational goals.
By Healthcare IT News 01:52 pm November 03, 2015
Learn how Meriter Hospital, a healthcare system in Madison, Wisconsin, fused financial, clinical, and supply chain data from multiple systems to optimize the value of their existing electronic medical records (EMR) solution.
By Healthcare IT News 12:22 pm November 03, 2015
See how a leading Boston hospital seeking better access to historical data, faster queries and improved business intelligence was able to reduce the time spent aggregating data and building reports for end users.
By Healthcare IT News 11:46 am November 03, 2015
After deploying a self-serve business intelligence solution to extend the value of its electronic health record solution, Meriter Health Services was able to help orthopedic surgeons to save money and provide more effective patient care.
By Healthcare IT News 11:29 am November 03, 2015
This recent IDC global study of business executives found a correlation between better outcomes from business analytics projects and greater competitiveness of an organization in its industry or a better ability to fulfill its public sector mission.
By Healthcare IT News 11:36 am May 11, 2015
Listen to the conversation with John Kenagy, PhD, SVP & CIO, CISO, Lexmark Healthcare, and moderator Rich Pizzi, Editorial Director, HIMSS Media, as John discusses strategy and thought leadership on clinical and business intelligence strategies.
By Healthcare IT News 03:48 pm March 26, 2015
Universal, zero-footprint viewers help clinicians streamline diagnosis, improve result turnaround time and facilitate communication and sharing with patients. How "universal" must these viewers be to truly deliver on their promises? Here are five key criteria to look for before deploying a universal, zero-footprint viewer.
By Healthcare IT News 03:58 pm March 17, 2015
Health analytics solutions from Microsoft and partners help pull together different types of data—from EMR systems to handwritten notes to social media—and marry these diverse data types in ways never before possible. Give everyone in your organization a powerful new way to work with data—with today’s health analytics solutions, you can empower...
By Healthcare IT News 10:47 am March 17, 2015
From changing reimbursement models to an increasingly empowered patient base, the pressure is on hospitals to make better use of their data. But how to turn ever-expanding volumes of data into actionable insight?

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